Something I do not do, and will never do, is get too personal online. I will never share too much about myself and my life, because there’re certain things people just simply don’t need to know. This is perfectly fine though, and more people should feel okay not sharing everything in a world where we are constantly being told to.

I love Snapchat and Instagram for their story features, you can share snippets of your day without having to post a permanent photo, you can miss a day of posting and not feel guilty and you don’t need to worry about the longevity of its existence online.

However, there is a clear distinct line between the “real” me and the “blogger” me. Online, I try to be well spoken and come across as confident, clear headed and a total PG mouth. In real life, I stumble over my words frequently, I’m as shy as they come, (honestly, I won’t even order food on my own), and depending on my company, I can be quite potty mouthed, ’cause Mama Vic doesn’t wanna hear me drop an F bomb, but my friends definitely don’t mind.

For the most part though, I am transparent. What you see is what you get in some areas, on my Twitter page I fan-girl over anime and share my opinions quite freely, which is exactly how I would behave in real life, in fact, the Twitter version of me is probably the realest version of myself on Social Media, but on Instagram I keep everything squeaky clean and on Tumblr I often engage in general chit-chat with followers with thanks to the messaging feature, but I am mindful not to over share.

Despite this though, I would never sit talking about my sex-life online or my family life, and I’d never write a bitchy tweet out about a relative or a friend who happened to annoy me for whatever reason, because people don’t want to hear it and I don’t want to share it with thousands of people. It’s as simple as that really.

We often talk about how “genuine,” bloggers are, and how “honest,” a blogger is, in fact it’s totally encouraged that we expose the fine details of our lives – but that actually isn’t the case. I don’t tweet about my office job or post an Instagram selfie in my office because my job isn’t something I want to talk about online, I don’t talk about dates and my drunken nights out or something Mia said that had me laughing to the point of tears, or angry to the point of steam coming out of my ears; which poses the question: Are bloggers as genuine as we like to seem? No! We share what we want to share and you see the fine polished version of us, which is totally okay, because would you go to work and tell your manager about your night out the night before, or your big argument with your partner?







Where privacy is concerned, I take care of mine. I treat my blog how I treat my job, I tell you, the reader, what I feel is appropriate for you to know, I’ll review a product without being completely biased and I’ll sometimes talk to you like this, being mindful not to over expose my private life. I do see my readers as friends, those who frequently interact with me online and those who just like all of my Instagram photos, you are my friends, but do you honestly want to know the fine details of what goes on in my life? Do you need to know?

Some people love to be transparent, there are people on YouTube who will tell you stories about their exes or their embarrassing sex stories, which is totally okay because at the end of the day, how much you tell the general viewer is completely up to your preferences, but as far as I go is enough. Sometimes I worry, “Am I being too closed off?” or “Should I share more?” but interacting with you this way is what works best for me, and probably for you too.

Overall, not getting too personal on the internet works best for me, I feel safe with what I share online and I enjoy my social media experience this way too.



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