I love family, my sisters and parents mean the world to me, so as you can imagine I was overjoyed to hear the news that my older sister is expecting her first child in July.
She recently held a baby shower for the new comer, and I was sure to take plenty of photos. We went for an afternoon tea, this really was a terrific celebration.

Lauren’s a girly-girl, it goes without saying, so this event was perfect for her. Even though she’s keeping the gender of the baby a surprise for herself until baby is born, I found gift shopping to be surprisingly easy (even though when I used to go shopping I’d whine about that very fact because cute baby things in blue and pink!), and I had the gifts wrapped because I can’t wrap presents for the life of me, but I really looked forward to the shower.

I wore a white Boohoo button up shirt, I got it on sale and I wore my Topshop ripped blue jeans and a pair of white loafers, I also kept my makeup toned down since I was going to be eating and drinking a lot of tea. This is the first baby shower I’ve ever been to as well so I was surprised by how nice it was, and it was also very feminine, if I ever decide to have children I definitely won’t know what to do as far as a baby shower goes.

We had a great time at the baby shower and I cannot wait to meet my nephew or niece.


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