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One month and one day ago, I took on the #TakeAShowerWithUs challenge, where I go on a thirty day cleanse away from shampoo and only use the HairStory product, New Wash. Did I love this hair cleanser? Find out.

New Wash promises to make you want to step away from shampoo for good, and tells you to prepare for a totally new hair washing experience. I was sent a full bottle of New Wash, and I definitely knew when I saw the bottle that this would last me for longer than a month since I’m not a girl who washes her hair every single day.

This is definitely the type of product that I’ve been searching for, I’m very eager to try it out as I’ve spoken a bit before about wanting to cut out how often it is that I wash my hair using shampoo, and it’s common knowledge that shampoo does more damage than it does good.

It’s definitely a high end product, with a high end cost. Is it worth it? I’ll tell you at the end of the post. 😉



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Week One:

A week has passed since I last put conditioner and shampoo in my hair, at first I approached this apprehensive since my silver hair didn’t grow naturally, I thought I’d find it hard not to lean to the purple shampoo and I was genuinely worried about my hair losing its silver tint at the end of the week.

Well, my silver tint didn’t go but I definitely haven’t been using the cleanser right, I’ve struggled to get my hair fully covered in the New Wash product, and I’ve tried my best to get it to spread across my entire head but I’m just not doing something right, clearly, because I just can’t get my head covered in it. The front section of my hair looks and feels fine, but the back of my hair is so greasy. I’m going to have to change tactics for week two, and apply the shampoo a little differently.

Week Two:

Okay, so after searching the internet to see where I went wrong last week I decided to try out some new techniques with New Wash. Instead of two pumps I used five, which yes, gave my head more coverage, I still didn’t feel like I was getting it all in there, so I tried applying it by running it through different sections individually but this still made my hair feel greasy. I definitely think that New Wash is a product that your hair has to get used to though, because the front of my hair seems to accept the product now, whereas the back which wasn’t really getting any coverage, isn’t.

Week three is coming up though and I have noticed a massive difference with how it feels and looks in the front of my hair, so hopefully by the end of next week I’ll be loving it.

Week Three:

So it looks like my hair has started to get used to New Wash, my silver tint has completely gone, although this isn’t New Wash’s fault, it wasn’t supposed to last a long time, but I’ve noticed my hair feels really healthy, it has a nice shine to it and the feel of grease has completely gone.

I’m one week away from finishing this challenge, and even though it took two weeks for my hair to get used to the product, I’m starting to really like it. I’ve also noticed that I’ve gone longer in between washes this week too, I normally wash my hair four times a week, and this week I’ve washed my hair twice.

I’ve also found it easier to run New Wash through my hair ever since I looked into it, maybe I just wasn’t putting shampoo in properly before and this cleanser has made me aware of that too, but my entire head is getting coverage now and the texture of my hair is looking a lot nicer too.

Week Four:

It’s the end of the final week. To be honest I can’t believe how fast this has come and gone, but here we are. This week I noticed my hair has a natural shine to it all of a sudden, it’s not greasy but it’s very shiny. Even though this challenge is up, I still have a lot of the product left over and I will definitely be using it until it’s empty. I really like how my hair is currently feeling, my hair doesn’t need washing as much anymore either, and it’s not the best product out there but it’s definitely doing a fantastic job of what it’s supposed to be doing anyway.

There have been times where I’ve wanted to reach for my shampoo, but I’m really glad I stuck the challenge out because the benefits have really shown. My hair is feeling and looking great. When I checked the website for New Wash, this specific product was $40 – so would I spend that much on this? To be honest I wouldn’t spend $40 on any shampoo/cleanser type product but I do think that it’s worth the price if you’re looking for a new remedy and trying to bring dead/over dyed hair back to life.

I do recommend this product but you do need to stick it out before you see some proper results. I’ve only used it for a month but I’m sure that I will notice even better benefits and results the more I use it.


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