beauty, glossy box


It’s May! Which means only one thing: It’s time for a new Glossy Box. What goodies did I get this time?


So, I’m going to have to start this post of on a sad note and say that this months Glossy Box will be my last as a subscribed member, I feel like I get way too many of the same products, lots of moisturisers basically and not enough variety. I’ve cancelled my subscription (boo!) but if I like the look of any exclusives, or if a box appeals to me, I’ll buy it as a none subscribed Glossy Dot.

I’ve already been sent a Ruby makeup brush in the past, so I was pleased to see another Ruby product, but this time it was a blush. The colour is really pretty and it shows up pretty nice, I already love this brand so it’s always a pleasure to receive something from them.

I’ve never tried a charcoal scrub before, so this is a new for me. I’m quite excited about this product because I love trying anything that will make my skin feel fresh.


So, that was this months Glossy Box, and sadly my final Glossy Box. Whilst I’m pleased with the overall contents of this box, it’s time to subscribe to something a little more niche.