DAMN GINA | Kylie Cosmetics

One of my first posts on this blog was about Kylie Jenner, I’ve always looked up to her for her sense of fashion, but when I originally reviewed her lipkit in the shade 22 I just couldn’t find many positive things to say about it. Round 2 has commenced, and has Kylie won me over with her collaboration with Khloe?

Since I initially tried 22 and gave it a pretty harsh review, I’ve played with many more brands and have found some pretty high quality stuff, so I must’ve gone mad to go back to a brand I absolutely hated. Wrong. Kylie has improved her products by miles, and I can tell just from the Damn Gina lipgloss.

When I first opened it up to swatch it, the first thing I noticed was how the brush has been changed and it’s now like a paint brush that glides pretty effortlessly across your lips. For a lipgloss, this is a highly pigmented product. The colour shows up really well even if you don’t use a base colour underneath, there’s a glittery shimmer that shows up with just one layer and you can really tell that this is something Khloe had a say on, since it’s exactly what I can see her wearing with one of her white body suits and ripped denim jeans.

The quality of the Kylie Cosmetics brand has clearly come a long way since my initial first go, although, this is a lipgloss and not one of her matte lipkits, so I can’t say exactly how much, but I am tempted to now go back and try a matte kit again to see how far they’ve come as well.

Kylie has won this round, I am very impressed with Damn Gina, so it’s a possibility that I just might go back in and try more of her newly formulated lipkits, and maybe I’ll even give one of her eyeshadows a run for its money too.