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One of my first posts on this blog was about Kylie Jenner, I’ve always looked up to her for her sense of fashion, but when I originally reviewed her lipkit in the shade 22 I just couldn’t find many positive things to say about it. Round 2 has commenced, and has Kylie won me over with her collaboration with Khloe?

Since I initially tried 22 and gave it a pretty harsh review, I’ve played with many more brands and have found some pretty high quality stuff, so I must’ve gone mad to go back to a brand I absolutely hated. Wrong. Kylie has improved her products by miles, and I can tell just from the Damn Gina lipgloss.

When I first opened it up to swatch it, the first thing I noticed was how the brush has been changed and it’s now like a paint brush that glides pretty effortlessly across your lips. For a lipgloss, this is a highly pigmented product. The colour shows up really well even if you don’t use a base colour underneath, there’s a glittery shimmer that shows up with just one layer and you can really tell that this is something Khloe had a say on, since it’s exactly what I can see her wearing with one of her white body suits and ripped denim jeans.


Since it’s a lipgloss, it’s obviously very sticky and you will need to reapply it several times throughout the day after drinking and eating, but when you buy a lipgloss you sort of set yourself up for this anyway, it’s pretty common knowledge.

The shade itself does swatch darker than it looks on my lips, it’s actually a light pink, even though it looks like a deepish neutral brown when it’s swatched, but I don’t mind this as I do think pink shades suit me the best. I’ve tried wearing it on its own and with a pencil liner underneath, and both ways looks pretty good to me, and every time I wear it, I feel like channelling my inner Khloe.

What I like about this lipgloss, is the glitter. I’m a girl who gets very excited when there’s glitter pigments in any type of makeup product, I love a bit of shimmer and this certainly gives you that. When it’s on, you can really see the shimmer, and depending on how the light is hitting you it’s very obvious that there’s tiny little sparkles from glitter on your lips, it’s a really good look in my opinion.

I’ve found myself to be very impressed by this product, after I tried 22 I decided that Kylie Cosmetics was just another face to name brand, but you can really tell how much the company has grown from this collection, and you can see how much effort has been put into this collection, just from how much the quality has improved, from the packaging and applicator to the product inside. I’m very pleased about this purchase.




So, as I said, the quality of the Kylie Cosmetics brand has clearly come a long way since my initial first go, although, this is a lipgloss and not one of her matte lipkits, so I can’t say exactly how much the matte lip products have improved, but I am tempted to now go back and try a matte kit again to see how far they’ve come as well, and if they’ve improved as much as this lipgloss has set me up to believe, I may just become a regular Kylie Cosmetics customer!

Kylie has won this round, I am very impressed with Damn Gina, I can’t praise it enough and I can see myself using this product a lot. I think it’s the perfect shade and the perfect pigment for a night out look as well, especially if you want something glittery.

I’ll definitely review future Kylie Cosmetic products I buy, let’s see how far the brand can go.


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