Spring is the season where I say goodbye to my dark colour palette and start wearing brighter eyes, lips – but less foundation?

It’s true! Spring/Summer is definitely the season I stop wearing so much foundation (if any at all,) because it’s the perfect season to let your skin breathe. Although the UK has a reputation for being mega rainy whether it’s Summer or Winter, we do get weeks of sun where we can really soak up that Vitamin D.

Without further ado, here is my foundation-free spring makeup routine.

Last year I was using my Lime Crime palette a lot, but this year I’ll probably be lingering more toward my Sleek palette, it has more delicate colours in it and the pigments are great. I’ve also decided not to wear eyeliner for this look either, and instead applied a heavy coat of mascara. For my lips, I’m wearing a pink Barry M lipgloss, which makes all the difference to the look.
This simplified look goes well with my blonde hair too, when my hair was darker, I didn’t feel like I could get away so much with light tones on my face, but with blonde hair I really can.
how do you do your makeup in the Spring?