With the weather picking up, my essentials obviously change, what I take out with me, what I can’t leave the house without doing, the entire routine changes.

Here are some of my spring essentials:

I told you, this spray would be making an appearance again. I don’t wear makeup every day, I wish I did, but going to work where I work in makeup just wouldn’t look good. But, thanks to that, when it gets hot, I can just spray this water on my face guilt-free.

I’ve been really naughty lately, and I stopped drinking water again. I’ve made it my Spring/Summer oath to drink as much water as I can, especially this Fiji water. Smart Water is also great, but since I work right by a Waitrose, it’s convenient to go and get some Fiji water instead.

This is mostly to just get me excited for my holiday if I’m being completely honest, the sound of ocean waves is great to send you to sleep, especially in the Spring. I like this video in particular, and when played through earphone speakers, or on a macbook, the sounds flow from one end to another.

I bought this perfume a couple of months ago now, and I wear it nearly every day. It smells amazing, and it’s great for the Spring. Once this is finished, I’ll be buying the full sized version. It’s my favourite perfume and it makes me smell really fresh.

White converse are definitely a bloggers Spring staple. Mine are still pretty clean looking since they don’t get worn too often, but they will be seen out a lot during this season.

I’ve been really looking forward to the Spring, mostly because this means I’m getting closer and closer to my holiday, but also because I love the warm weather and I also find fashion a lot more fun around this time of the year too, I find it a million times easier to express myself.




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