I’ve always admired people who were ballsy enough to go blonde from a dark colour, admired enough to become one of those people myself. What I didn’t realise was how much I’d love being a light colour, so much so, that the colour silver became my next tone.

I went into the hairdressers today with the intention of getting my roots touched up since they’d grown out so much, and after about a half hour of having bleach on my roots – the second worst hair experience of my life, the first being when I had bleach on all of my hair, the itchiness is insane, it came to choosing the toner, to which ended up being silver. Well, here we are three hours later, I’m a silver haired gal and I love it.



I definitely prefer life as a blonde, these past few months with lighter hair have been great, and it’s true, blondes do have more fun. My hairdresser Tina always does such a beautiful job of my hair, I definitely can’t see myself going dark anytime soon.




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