You probably read the title of this post and recoiled, you probably assumed this was anti-feminist, but rest assured that is not the case. It’s a phrase I’ve been hearing around lately, a phrase that has shocked me and to a point, concerned me. 

Does physical appearance have to affect a cause that you believe in? Of course not, in fact, that is complete and utter nonsense. Talking about women’s rights, whether you’re fighting for first world issues, or third world issues, is not detrimental and you should not be silenced because you’re interested in something not considered feminine.

As a young teenager, I would often say things like, “I hate girls,” and I was very anti-feminist, I didn’t see the point in the cause and I could just not see past my adolescence. Now, as an adult, I see the world in a completely new way in comparison to how a fourteen year old me saw it, I see the world for all the wrong and all the right it has to offer, I see that change is needed, that the women in third world countries such as Syria are desperate for their education, that women in western countries are fighting still to this day, to be on the same equal wave length as their male classmates, colleagues and relatives, and soon enough, change will occur.

Why am I talking about women’s rights for the first time on this blog? Because, although I will keep a tight lip where it’s needed, this is something that needs to be spoken about. I’m relieved that more women are speaking about their rights, that feminism is receiving more editorial space and air time, that people are seeing feminism as less of a viral trend and more of an opportunity to help this world have more room to grow, for us to educate ourselves and those around us, and for positivity to shed light on what is currently not the best of times.

Back onto my original point, I am not a girly-girl, I have never been one, since I was young I’ve taken interest in things such as video games, computers, cartoons and comic books, who cares? No one! Why? Because it’s nothing special and the more we develop, the less everything becomes “gendered,” the term gamer-girl died out, the term fem-geek died out and it’s now considered normal for a girl to have interests in more “boyish” things.

When I was in school, I must’ve been year 8, my class was given two options of a task to do, one was create an animated short and the other was to design a poster. Naturally, I chose to partake in the animated short, to which my teacher said, “I expected you to choose that since you’re such a tomboy!” For some reason, this is something that I think about often, I would not describe myself as a tomboy, I’m just plain old me, but something that I’ve noticed women saying, which I feel relates to this random memory of mine is, “How can I be feminist when I don’t even like girly things?” Well, truth be told, whether you’re interested in the same things as men or not, you’re still a woman and women’s rights do affect you, and if a man can support feminism and women’s rights, how can you not?

If you’re interested in feminism and supporting such a positive cause, whether you’re man or woman, outspoken or not, feminine or “boyish”, stand up and state what you believe in.


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