I’ve been thinking about the warmer weather a lot lately, and although yes, we aren’t at those beautiful scorching temperatures yet, my skin and overall outlook on things will and has started to change. I notice I need to moisturize my skin a little more often lately, and even though yes I did go and bleach the absolute hell out of my hair to make it blonde, I’ve been using my hair moisturizers a lot more lately too. Basically, I’m backwards, the winter means I use less products, the spring/summer means I use more.

It starts to get a little more humid in the Spring, and I’m a sweater. It’s partly the reason I can get away without wearing foundation during this time of the year, but it can leave me feeling sticky and disgusting. Anything with the word “hydrate” on it, I’m using it.

The Douae Me spring water spray was originally sent to me in a birch box, I found it so convenient that it became a Spring/Summer essential to me, and you may see more of this spray on my blog throughout these two seasons. I’ll be using it when the weather picks up and I can’t take being so hot anymore, but the spray is seriously refreshing.

Next to it, is my Bliss Fabulous moisturizing cream. I use this quite a lot anyway, but it’s perfect for the Spring. It’s more liquidy than your average moisturizer and you don’t need to use a lot of it, because a little goes a long way. I’ll be using this when I go on holiday in particular I just know it’ll be perfect for raging temperatures.

Okay, okay, I used this during the Winter too, but a polaroid camera is perfect for warm weather. I love my compact little Instax and I love the tiny little polaroids it shoots. I’m definitely going to be using this a heck of a lot more now though.

When the temperatures rise, having long hair is a little bit inconvenient. Last year I was in the phase of growing out a pixie/bob, so I didn’t feel the heat as much as I would with long hair. Back when my hair was super long, I’d tie it up all the time during the warm seasons, and now that my hair is long enough to bug me, I’ll be using those blonde hair ties a lot. I’ve already been doing half up-dos for a little while now, because even just getting the top layers off can really cool me off.

These are my little itty bitty products for Spring, I can’t wait for the end of the month when it will officially actually be Spring.



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