After I made the costly mistake of leaving my glasses laying around, they were chewed on by a certain puppy of mine. When I say costly mistake, I do mean costly mistake. These things happen though, and if not for my old spectacles being destroyed, I wouldn’t have welcomed two newer, more beautiful pairs, into my life. It’s been fun wearing my old frames with my old prescription as a place holder, but now I look funky and fresh again, with a newer, nicer, pair of glasses. Thanks Specsavers, you really pulled through.

Kylie 07

Both frames are out of Kylie Minogues collection, and oh boy, this girl should just design glasses forever because if I could’ve bought them all, I would’ve. This pair I can see myself wearing the most, they’re a rose gold round frame, with a beautiful green contrasting the rose gold. When I saw these in the store, I contemplated having them be the pair I bought (at this point, I didn’t know that good ol’ speccysavers would offer me two pairs), but I decided that maybe they’re too nice for every day use. Funnily enough though, my mind changed because after I bought them, I thought about this pair nonstop.

Kylie 16

This is the frame design that I walked into SpecSavers knowing I’d be walking out with. I’d decided on a pair of clear frames the night I laid my old pair to rest, after my test (which may I say, was the best and most intense eye test I’ve ever had,) I went straight to these frames, and tried them on. Whilst oohing and awing over which pair to buy, I decided these frames are the best for “every day” use, and took them over to the assistant. After I’d tried them on, had them adjusted to fit my face properly, it was then when the very helpful shop assistant said to me, “You can choose another pair of glasses or have some features added to your lenses.” Clearly, I chose another pair.

Both pairs were provided with this beautiful case as well, it’s so shiny and glittery in real life, I almost wanted to use it as decoration in my bedroom.

I’ve been wearing both frames now for two weeks, the pair I wear the most are my round frames, I mostly wear them when I’m not at work though, because I’m terrified of ruining them, and my cool, funky fresh pair are the clear frames, obviously, I definitely think these will be good to me for a few years now. I’m glad that I invested in the new frames.

My eye test and my frames altogether cost £122, both frames on their own are £99.



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