My Nineteenth Birthday

Hello, Reader!
Over the weekend, Saturday 10th to be precise, it was my nineteenth birthday, how fast is life passing by? I don’t quite feel an adult yet even though I’ve already had a year to adjust, but I definitely find life more exciting lately and I’m happy to be nineteen years of age. Read on to see how I celebrated my birthday!

During the day, I spent it with my Mum and my youngest sibling, Mia. We did a little shopping and had a McDonalds, because fast food is important when you’re celebrating your birthday. It was raining, a lot, but I didn’t mind since it rains on most of my birthdays.


On the evening, I went to Birmingham by train and had a look around the Bull Ring, honestly, it was my nineteenth birthday, not a special one so I just had a really casual and relaxed day.

We didn’t do my birthday cake until the 11th though, because I wanted my Nan and my oldest sister to be there to do it with me, and as you can imagine, I had the chocolatiest cake.


With this being my final year of being a teenager, I feel ready for my next birthday. My eighteenth year has been my greatest, with lots of fun times with my close friends happening, and I’ve met some really awesome new people as well.
Bye, Reader!
-Gee xx



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