Hey, Reader!
This year the craze for Lazy Oaf circled around the blogosphere, and I’ve been dying for a garment from this London based store for a little while and finally gave in and treated myself to a little something-something, keep reading to see!









I will say, you absolutely cannot beat great packaging, which is exactly what Lazy Oaf has to offer. Inside my order was a pack of stickers, and a news paper themed catalogue filled with photos, quotes and even a Q&A, exactly what I love.
The garment itself is really nice, it’s fitted and it has a kind of high rise neck, it’s also long sleeved which I really love. I bought this with the intention of pairing it with a skirt I bought, but when I tried them on together I realized that this shirt is definitely designed to go under long dungarees, or be worn with high waisted jeans and a chunky belt.
You can tell that this is a high quality garment just through the fabric, the design is pretty simple but you can’t go wrong with stripes.
If you like Lazy Oaf too, let me know!
Bye, Reader!
-Gee xx

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