My Struggle With Tonsillitis During 2016

Hey, Reader!
Some of you probably read the title and laughed a little bit, because to most people tonsillitis isn’t a critical condition and isn’t affecting the lives of many people drastically, however for me, it’s been my biggest enemy during 2016.
Around June, I started getting tonsillitis again for the first time in what I’d say has been a pretty decent amount of time, I used to get tonsillitis a lot as a child and would have to take a lot of time off school with it, and my first year of adulthood has shown no mercy with the illness, one of the times it was so bad I ended up being told it was in fact quinsy, and I had to stay in the hospital for a few days whilst I was taking a lot of drugs to get rid of the virus.

Alas, here I am in November, typing a blog post as I sit on my bed with a high fever, and you guessed it, swollen tonsils. This is my fifth time with tonsillitis. It’s gotten to the point where I’ve had to take time off work and I can honestly say, I feel awful. You’d think considering I had it a lot as a child, and since this is my fifth time with it in six months, I’d be used to it by now, which truth be told when I woke up this morning to see the red raw infection greeting me at the back of my throat, I just thought, “Here we are again,” and it’s not like I have a big panic anymore whenever I do get tonsillitis, it’s just that it really sucks, and it’s really painful and it interferes with work and plans outside of work.

I’m not doing all of this complaining without a happy ending though, my fifth spout of tonsillitis couldn’t have actually come at a better time. Why? Well, that’s because this Wednesday, I’ll be finally having a consultation about having my tonsils permanently removed. HOORAY. I’m praying, hoping and begging that my tonsils are removed.

I know that having your tonsils removed doesn’t stop the chances of getting tonsillitis again, but it is a step in the right direction, and adults don’t even need their tonsils. I’ve had a hard time this year with tonsillitis, and I will say 2016 has definitely not been my year, but that’s okay, because in order for us to lift our heads up high and make a step in the best direction, we first need to go through hard times, and in my case, my hard times has been with my tonsils. I know I sound very dramatic, and this is the least of most peoples problems, but for me I’m over this infection constantly coming back. I thought I’d seen the back end of tonsillitis after I was in hospital, but my body had different plans.

I understand that this is probably the least severe illness of all time, but it’s nice to just write a long rant, and get your feelings out there, and oh boy have I done that.

I can’t give advice to anyone with tonsillitis because the best thing to do is go to the doctors and see if you can be prescribed anything to get rid of the infection, but if your tonsillitis is viral then I’m afraid you just need to march through it with your head held high.

Aaand on that note, I’ll draw this lengthy rant of a blog post to an end, and hopefully tomorrow you can see me with a happier post!

I’d also like to note the obvious disappearance of Manga Monday, I decided not to post it this week and give this blog post the Monday spot, because I just really wanted to get it out of my system.

Bye, Reader!
-Gee xx



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