7 Ways To Make The Most Of Social Media

Hey, Reader!
If you’re a blogger, or you’re aiming to have some sort of status through social media, then you may know that it can be pretty difficult to gain an audience sometimes, so I’ve put together a few tips on making the most out of your social media, to attract new readers, followers or even just to get you a few more likes or retweets.

1. Hashtags!


Lets start with the obvious, hashtags are a great way to bring in a new audience, but at a moderated amount, nobody likes to scroll down through too many tags at the end of an Instagram caption, and nobody likes to see #every #single #word hashtagged in a tweet. When I use hashtags my maximum on a tweet is three, and when I use them on an Instagram post I keep my hashtags relevant to what the photo is trying to say, and I will go as high as six hashtags.

2. Engaging With Your Followers

You can do this by:
Asking questions, example: What would you like to see more of on my blog?
Hosting q&a’s: Use a hashtag so you can find questions easier, such as #xBlogsQA (x being your name)
Following back and actively engaging with their posts – which is the best way to engage, this can actually make you new friends and it has been done a great deal of times.

3. Giveaways!

This is something that I’m yet to do, and one day I really want to host one. When you reach milestones, or when you gain a good enough audience, hosting a giveaway is always a good idea. Make the prizes desirable and suitable for all ages between 13 and up!

4. Promote Yourself Through All Your Platforms

This is a pretty obvious one. I have more Instagram followers than I have Twitter followers, so I could easily post my Twitter on Instagram and say, “Hey, go and follow me!” And I’m pretty sure people probably would, which is why if you want to keep your audience flowing it can be a good idea to go ahead and promote yourself on all your platforms.

5. Stay On Trend With Social Media

What I love about Social Media, is how on trend it can keep me. I know a lot of the latest trends thanks to websites such as Pinterest, and it’s not uncommon for those kind of websites to even predict future trends, it’s a really great platform to have. Instagram is also great for keeping up with trends as well, the more bloggers you follow the easier it is to notice when something has become or is becoming trendy.

6. Get fresh ideas

I get a lot of my ideas for blog posts through just browsing the internet, not just reading other blogs but also through someones Instagram snap or a tweet with a specific phrase that I liked, a lot of the time I find myself questioning, “What can I do to improve?” which is when I start to take advantage of social media by scrolling down my Twitter or Instagram feed, and even someones my Facebook feed since I follow a lot of fashion and beauty pages as well, and another great source for inspiration is Tumblr, which is probably the social media platform I use the most in terms of daily use.

7. Learn The Best Posting Times

Thanks to Twitter, and Twitter accounts dedicated to boosting bloggers, I learned the best time to launch a blog post depending on the age of the audience you’re trying to appeal to. The vast majority of my blog posts go up at 2PM with the odd few going up at 4pm latest, I find this time slot to be the best for getting readers of my aimed criteria on the blog, but this also depends on time zones as well, since I’m in the UK, 2PM and 4PM most people are working or are at school, so if you’re aiming for a school aged audience (12-16), time slots like 3:30PM and 7PM may work best for your blog.

For now, these are the best ways I find make the most of my social media.

If you found my tips helpful, please let me know!

Bye, Reader!
-Gee xx



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