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 Recently I stumbled across a store called Punky Pins and immediately fell in love. This comes at good timing as well since I’ve been dying to do a DIY on a denim jacket. Keep reading to see what I think of my new enamel pins!

I’ve been considering doing a DIY on a denim jacket for a while now, so when I saw these online it came at perfect timing, it was an act now or act never kind of thing, and I decided that this shall be the starting line to my DIY.

Punky Pins are in a word, fun. These are made in the UK and the business was started up by Claire Whaite all the way back in 2005.

There are a lot of cunning and creative pins on the website that range from Stranger Things (you know, that crazy popular Netflix show,) to seasonal designs, I actually bought a Halloween Ouija board pin because I thought it looked totally bad ass.

I was also really surprised by how much love and care was put into the packaging of these pins as well, as a consumer I love when I get mail in the post that has had a lot of love put into it, and packaging always shows if that’s been the case, I tried my best to preserve one of the Punky Pins stickers and I actually have it in my scrapbook now.

The pins themselves are solid, it’s going to take a lot to damage these. I bought two pins out of my own selection and decided to get 3 mystery pins sent to me, the pins I chose were the Ouija board and the Cuterus pin, and honestly I was quite happy with my mystery pins, especially the Nobody Cares one since that’s pretty much a very me thing.

I don’t think these pins were too expensive, in fact I think they were really reasonably priced, and if I need more pins for my DIY I’ll definitely be coming back to this store.

Let me know if you like the pins and let me know if you check these guys out!

Bye, Reader!
-Gee xx



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