Kylie Jenner Lipkit Review: Shade 22

As you know, today I’m bringing you a review on the Kylie Jenner lipkit! I’ll be talking about the shade “22” since that’s the one that I got.


The reason I wanted to buy this lipkit is because I heard so many good things about it, I watched all the videos on YouTube where beauty gurus use it, and sat envying them wishing I could drop lucky enough to buy one. Well, I did.

The shade I’d been dying for was actually Kourt K, I love purple tones and they actually suit me really well, but I ended up having to go with “22” which is definitely a shade that is out of my comfort zone.

 22 is a red-orange tone, it’s really nice to look at and you can never go wrong with a red lip, obviously. What I initially liked about this lipkit is how easily it applied, and I still stand by that. The lipkit is really great in terms of application, it only actually needed one coat and I didn’t feel like I needed to go over it again, it also dried incredibly fast so even if I messed up I’d have had to have gone with it. The bottle itself and the applicator were perfectly fine for me, I have no complaints or issues with either of those, however I will say I was disappointed by how quickly the lipliner used up.


When people say that this lipkit is dry – they mean it. I didn’t put any lip balm on at first and I felt like I needed to get some water on my lips to make them feel nourished again, but after putting lip balm on the next time I used the lipkit, it still felt a little dry and the lipkit actually crumbles off a lot, people even commented on how parched my lips looked – the lipkit feels creamy and natural but it honestly does not look it.

The price was extortionate, but it is a high-end lipkit and it does come from none other than Kylie Jenner, so that is to be expected. Would I buy another lipkit after using this one so many times? to be honest, probably not directly from Kylie, as I wasn’t too pleased with this lip kit and I payed a very high price for it. The first couple of times I wore it, I was okay with it since I rarely wore lipstick, but after wearing different lipglosses and lipsticks throughout the past few months, this isn’t the best one and I don’t think that it’s worth the price.

Just like any product though there are some cons and it is to be expected even if I did feel disappointed, it is a favourite by a lot of different people and there are all sorts of different reviews on this product. I do wear it sometimes, it’s not a product I would wear every day, since as I said, I find that after a little while, 22 just crumbles and falls off, it makes your lips look incredibly dry, so you do end up reapplying quite a lot.

There are many fabulous dupes for this lipkit that aren’t drying and that don’t crumble straight off, the colour itself is absolutely gorgeous but I honestly don’t think that the formula is great and I wouldn’t really recommend this to a friend. I am disappointed because I really wanted to love this lipkit and I do like Kylie Jenner, but some things are not meant to be and unfortunately this was one of them.




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