*3 Date Night Outfits

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Over the Summer some of you may have met your match, others may already be in a committed long-term relationship, and others may have just matched up with someone on Tinder. So one thing you may have in common is: An upcoming date night. There’s always a struggle to decide what to wear on any occasion, and date night may be one of them. Keep reading to see three outfits I put together to inspire you.

I believe that nothing is sexier and more attractive than being yourself, and being comfortable. Just because you’re going on a date night doesn’t mean that you can’t just dress normally and have a great time, but this is also a tricky one since you should also dress plan friendly, I mean, you don’t want to turn up at a fancy restaurant wearing a band t-shirt.

But, if you’re aware of the plans then you can where whatever you want.

For the first outfit, I decided to put a band t-shirt on. This is more for a casual-date, or even if you have a concert date this would look really snazzy. This isn’t a t-shirt I wear a great deal but I still like it and think it definitely stands out.

I tucked the t-shirt in, I think this would also work with a belt but I decided not to wear one for my outfit, but tucking it in definitely improves the look.
For the shoes, since we’re going very casual, I’d recommend casual shoes as well. My Nike SB trainers were my first choice for this look, since the splash of red compliments the warm tones on the t-shirt.
For the second outfit I decided that it’d be cute if I matched the colour of my blouse with my skirt. This would make it appear as though I have a dress on, even though they’re two separate pieces.

I don’t think the skirt choice was too cheesy either, the little love hearts are adorable and I think they’d look really cute on a date.
The skirt is fairly straight but it flows quite nicely when you walk and when there’s a breeze, I put on black vans with this skirt since my style always leans towards trainers, but if you’re girlier than I am, then I recommend flats or brogues.
The final outfit is very inspired by autumn, if it’s getting colder where you are since Autumn starts on the 22nd, then this outfit may be your best option to be inspired by. I chose a grey, purple and black colour scheme since these are quite halloweeny colours and would look cool for a halloween date.
This batwing style cardigan is also really great for this time of year, it’s pretty lengthy but it’s a nice thin cotton material so if you live somewhere where it’s still warm in the Autumn then you’re not going to be absolutely boiling.
As you can see, this cardigan is knee length on me (but I am a tiny 4’11 tall) so this looks really cool for trick-or-treating as well, it’s a very smart-casual cardigan and I like it a lot, and it was also very cheap from Boohoo.com for an absolute steal of £5.
As an option, you can tuck your blouse into your jeans, this can add a smarter vibe to your look but if that’s not what you’re going for then you can leave the blouse un-tucked. I would wear this outfit with some combat boots or some plain black vans.
I wrote this post in collaboration with Adore Me, you may have seen this brand appear in Cosmopolitan or Refine 29. Adore Me is a lingerie brand that designs their bras and pantie sets to do all the heavy lifting. If you’re interested definitely check out their website by clicking here, and also give their pinterest a look by clicking here. I personally love designs for the sets that Adore Me have for sale, they’re very fashionable and you don’t need to be in a relationship to feel sexy and buy some nice lingerie!
If you enjoyed this post or if you have a date coming up, let me know!
Bye, Reader!
-Gee xx

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