Today, I thought I’d talk about shoes. The last time I spoke about shoes was quite some time ago, and my shoe collection is constantly growing (seriously, I may have a problem…) So today, I want to talk about one of my favourite pairs of shoes: My converse.
Converse is a brand that I hold close to my heart, I remember my first ever pair of converse, they were navy blue and I wore them all the time. I remember it being so important to me that I owned some converse, that I ended up having about four pairs which I wore out. Since then I haven’t really owned a pair of hi-top converse, so when I bought this white pair it was more of a “Treat yo self” moment, and actually, they’ve had more wear than shoes I’ve owned for years.
As you can see, I like to wrap my laces around the top of my converse, I think this looks really cool and adds some personality to your converse without meaning you draw all over them or get them super grubby.
You can wear white converse with pretty much anything, I think they look really great with black jeans but they also look great with light blue washed denim jeans, if you turn up the jeans to the point the converse tongue is having contact with your legs, this can look super cute and give an edgy vibe to your look.



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