8 Instagrammers Who Inspire My Style

Hey, Reader!
Something I’m often thinking about is fashion and Instagram. What I love about Instagram is that it offers a lot of creative inspiration for those of us who are either deeply into fashion or art, or really any creative outlet. So, today I’ll be showing you eight users who have inspired my style over the past eight months.
All pictures are screenshots from the web version of Instagram. I was not logged in. 

01 – @tattooist_ida

This Korean Instagrammer is one of my favourites, she mostly posts photographs of her work but I love her sense of style when she occassionally uploads a photograph of herself. With 15.4k followers she’s an inspirational fashionista with a great portfolio.

02 – @deaddsouls

Fellow blogger and Instagram user deaddsouls is one of the people I’ve been following the longest. I love her sense of style as she is a happy medium between modern day grunge and cool indie. She also has quite a following and her Instagram page is very much loved.

03 – @yong_yong_96

Now, there is nothing wrong with taking inspiration from someone of the opposite sex. Yong_Yong_96 has a street style that I absolutely love. Oversized t-shirts and famous brands are a frequent fashion statement that he makes, I’ve only been following him for a short space of time but his sense of style is definitely one of my favourites.

04 – @juliacoldfront / @thesoundofbreakingup

This is another Instagrammer who I have been following for a while. What I love about Julia Coldfront is her tattoos. Both of her legs are covered in traditional style tattoos, and her outfits are never taken away by the ink on her body. I love her sense of style (and her taste in tattoos) a lot, she has a very casual style that definitely makes a statement.

05 – @nohopexnoharm

This is another instagrammer who I’ve found this year that has definitely inspired my style quite a bit. Instagram user nohopexnoharm is another tattooed person (surprise, surprise) with an amazing sense of style. I’d describe her fashion sense as a sensible mix of street and grunge, I love her sense of style and sometimes all-black wardrobe.

06 – @vickcammie

I found vickcammie a while ago on my Explore feed, I was drawn to her sense of style as it’s pretty similar to my casual/everyday style and I liked how down to earth she seems. She has a YouTube channel as well that I’m still yet to check out but her sense of style is fabulous.

07 – @kaylen_alan

Kaylen_alan is an Instagrammer who again, I’ve been fond of for a while. Her sense of style is also a happy medium between grunge and indie (sensing a pattern?) but her instagram isn’t solely based on her appearance and she does post some wonderful photographs as well, I love her sense of style but also her photography.

08 – @notbrub

The final person on this list is instagram user notbrub. This is someone else who I’ve come across quite recently as well through the Explore feed. She comes across as someone with a minimalist style which I really like, she’s also someone else who posts photos of her every day life rather than focusing solely on her appearance, and I really appreciate her instagram page, she wears quite a lot of black, like me, which is why I was originally drawn to her in the first place.
If you check out any of these users or give them a follow let me know! I’d also like to know who inspires your style.
Bye, Reader!
-Gee xx


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