It’s midweek and it’s so close to Friday! I’ve been thinking a lot about the future, things I want to accomplish in my lifetime and what I want to do with this space on the internet. So today my post will be my personal bucket list. I think everyone has a bucket list whether they write it down in an actual list or just have it stored in their head. I have mine stored in my head but decided to actually write my bucket list down on a post because there are so many things that I want to do and would love to try out.

I love to read other peoples bucket lists and feel really inspired to get up and go and do something every time I finish reading one. You don’t have to rush into completing your bucket list since it’s just a list for you to complete before you die – so the only time limit you have is before death.

1. Visit California.

Like most people my age, I do dream of California and someday I would love to go there. I’d love to visit Venice Beach and enjoy the hot weather. I admit to going gooey eyed over YouTube videos of people living in or having a holiday in California and I even follow too many people living in California on my Instagram. But I don’t just want to visit this particular state in the US, but it’s the one I want to go to the most.

2. Go Snow Boarding

Something I would really love to try out is Snow Boarding. I think it looks like a lot of fun to do and it’s something completely out of my comfort zone too (cold weather? Bleugh!) but something about it really brings me in and I’d really love to try – not become a pro, but just have a go at it!

3. Go on a road trip

I’d love to go on a road trip around America. Being from the UK I can’t really think of any exciting places in the UK that i’m just dying to see, however I can think of tons in the USA. But I also don’t want to stop at road tripping around America. The thought of doing a road trip through Europe sounds pretty good to me too. But, I’m not that bothered about where, as long as I get to go on one.

4. See my favourite band live.

Something everybody dreams of is seeing their favourite musician perform live. My favourite band is Basement and I would love to see them perform live at some point! I’ve been a fan for yonks and I’ve never had the opportunity to go to a Basement concert, so someday I’d love to go and see them perform live.

5. Visit Paris

I’d love to visit Paris and see the Eiffel Tower, but I definitely wouldn’t want to go up it being as I’m scared of heights and glass elevators. I’d also maybe even like to visit the Louvre. Paris is one of the most beautiful cities in the world and I would love to see it with my own two eyes.

6. Visit Italy

I would also love to visit Italy, I would love to see the Grand Canal and even visit the Blue Grotto – one of the most beautiful places on Earth. (Are you sensing a pattern here?)


7. Achieve blogging for 5 years

Okay, this is something that is more of setting myself a goal. I want to be a part of the blogosphere for a long time, but right now I have my sights set on reaching the 5 year mark. There’s no particular reason as to why, but it’s giving me a goal to look ahead to whilst I’m just starting out (I’m only six months into blogging so far, can you believe it?) five years just feels like a good little goal to set myself for the time being.

I’ll end my list here for today since I could go on forever. Do you have a bucket list? Let me know what’s on yours!

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