I realise today that I am young, I have years of life ahead of me hopefully but often times I worry about an impending doom, like I’m expecting to fail. How do I overcome this? I often ask myself. I think it’s a thought that probably won’t leave my mind but I do try to keep it out.

I tell myself to stay positive a lot, I know that my negativity would please certain people, so I try my best to keep my head up, but this isn’t a good way to deal with things and it’s perfectly normal to feel bad sometimes. Who doesn’t have an off day, right?

It’s hard to keep your chin up when you don’t feel like you’re getting anywhere, when you don’t know what to do or when you feel stuck. I’ve been blogging for a couple months now and although I find it to be incredibly fun and I really do love it, when does it get to the point I feel like people will begin to care about it?

I’ll let myself have my down time, because it’s normal and it’s perfectly healthy. If you start off a business venture or decide to set up a blog or do something out of the ordinary, you’re gonna have to work hard for the results, and I do think beating yourself up a little is a good way to keep yourself grounded without having the constant stress of wanting more when you’re not saying to yourself, “Right now isn’t my time.”

Most bloggers will admit that their blogs didn’t take off for a long time, and that it took years before they started getting recognised for their work and before brands reached out to them. This to me sounds fair enough, these women and men have worked so hard for their following and to be at the point where they are at now, they earned it.  Have I? No of course not, I have so much time ahead of me in the blogging world, time to grow a following and to feel happy with the content I put out. So much of my content now contains images that aren’t mine, and contains ideas that every blogger does, but I’m in the crawling stage of my blogging career, I have to be a little patient before I can stand up and run.

I mostly wrote this blog post to just remind myself of these things, that right now I have training wheels on, but someday, if I keep to blogging and put in all the hard work, it’ll all pay off.


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