Looking towards the stars – not literally, I mean celebrities, isn’t uncommon when looking for style inspiration. I find myself looking towards the same kind of people for fashion inspo, and the same places.

This year, Kylie Jenner came out of the wood works as a “Kardashian” sister to look to. She’s been sporting a grungey, alternative style which has started a sort of movement on instagram, everyone is dying their hair ombre green and everyone is wearing mom jeans and stripey shirts. Including me. She’s struck a chord with me this year, I relate to her current style since it’s so similar to my own and I’ve really been enjoying her instagram. She stands out in the Kardashian group as well since she’s different and very edgy.

I’ve even been looking at Taylor Swift

I’m no Taylor Swift fan. Not at all. But I do love her bangs and short bobbed hair, as well as her own sense of style. She’s not someone I typically look to in terms of fashion inspo normally, but after We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together, I have had one eye on her and her sense of style.

Of course, I’m no Taylor Swift and a lot of her outfits, I couldn’t pull off. She’s got the longest legs ever, and I’m 4’11. But I do like her look and it is serving for some inspiration.


I’ve also been loving Hayley Williams

Well, who doesn’t love Hayley? When I saw the music video to Now, I thought she looked so bad ass and alien like, which was probably the point, but I loved the look. I’ve looked at her for years anyway since Paramore played a prominent part in my ~emo~ phase, but damn, this girl is a total bad ass.










My sense of style is actually on the more alternative side. I wear all black most days and I love leather jackets. But I have no shame in straying away from alternative looks to look at people who are girlier, like Taylor Swift, because you can get inspiration from all sorts of sources. I love to play with my look, and I love to change my style every now and then. So looking towards less conventional to my type people, gives me a lot of inspiration and a lot to work with.

Who do you look at to inspire your sense of style? Let me know!


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