We all know the lady Katy Cat herself from her fame and music career, she’s branched off into doing other things such as her eyelash line, Claires accessories line and even her own fragrance collection. Today i’m going to be talking about her fragrance collection that I have just fallen in love with, personally I do not consider myself a “Katy Cat” but you don’t even need to be one to adore her collection.

Killer Queen is the first fragrance I ever bought from Katys line, I got it while I was away in spain for about fifty euros, it came with a body lotion that smelt identical to the perfume and I admittedly carried the lotion everywhere.
My first impressions of this perfume were good, I was really impressed with the way she designed the bottle to represent a crystal and how it has an ombre effect from dark burgundy to a light orange, the top is also super cute as a small crown with “Killer Queen” written across it. The scent itself is lovely, it’s also really strong so you can smell it on yourself for a really long period of time, and that is exactly what I love about it, the fact it actually stays on. Not many perfumes these days stick to my skin and I have to keep on respraying every so often, with Killer Queen it’s the total opposite and I rarely ever have to respray when I do use it. The scent is refreshing and I love that about it.
The next is Royal Revelation, this was given to me as a birthday present from my older sister, she got it from Superdrug for £15, it came with the body lotion and shower gel that have the same scent as the perfume itself.
Katy has gone for a “Royal” trend lately and this bottle is a replica of the first one, just instead of warm colours she’s gone for cold, having a dark blue fade into a pretty much clear liquid. This bottle is a lot smaller as you can see but i’m certain she has the larger bottles out there somewhere, I really love this scent as well and sometimes can wear it every day for a week straight. I use the shower gel regularly and let me tell you, it’s fantastic. I really recommend going out and buying this little set because it’s just so perfect.
Stepping out of the Royal throne, is Purr. This bottle is pretty self explanatory to the name, it’s simply just a kitten with it’s collar saying “Purr”, I really like this bottle there’s just something unique about it, in the photo I turned it so the tail was at the front just to show you how much she paid attention to detail, the front of the cat bottle has the name of the perfume on it, but the back has this adorable little tail! This was also a present but you can get this from Asda for £15 also.
The scent itself is lovely, I really must say that Miss Perry has great taste. It reminds me of being on holiday for some reason, it’s got a kind of exotic scent going on and I really like it. This one I have actually used the least because to me it’s more of a “Special occasion” kind of perfume, that I really love. The bottle itself is my favorite out of the other Katy perfumes that I have, and the scent is one I think i’d like to actually cherish.
I’m really impressed by these perfumes and wasn’t actually expecting them to smell so lovely, she’s done a really great job with these perfumes so props! Go ahead and buy your own and see what you think yourself!

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